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Medical Science 101 for Homeschoolers complete curriculum workbook.  

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Our Products

HIPAA and OSHA certification are no longer included. Please contact us for certification information.


E2 Educational Experiences has programs of medical science curriculum  designed for high school and advanced middle school aged students interested in the medical sciences or a future health care career. E2 Educational Experiences offers a 256 page Medical Science workbook designed to give a year long, hands on, interactive curriculum for student to learn basic medical skills through study modules, activities, and assessments. Parents can assess their children with provided grade sheets and students can receive certification in CPR and First Aid upon completion of modules.

Why would you want your child to have this valuable class?

  • The health care industry is expanding rapidly as baby boomer retire and people live longer. Opportunities for health care continue to grow and new careers are created.  Our curriculum is designed to expose your child to the numerous opportunities in health care that suit your child's interest and personality. This workbook provides a blueprint for future health care workers.

What does E2 Educational Experiences offer your child?

  • Your child would have 8 modules to complete at their convenience.  This work can be done at home. There are many hands on activities for students complete with a checklist to document their performance.  

  • Your child will be certified in OSHA, HIPAA, CPR & First Aid*.

    • ​*​Student will need to take local class in area.

  • Additional discounts applied to support groups, co-op groups, and Multi-children families.

  • Workshops with a certified instructor are offered periodically in the metropolitan Atlanta area or in a two hour drive radius from downtown Atlanta.  Contact us regarding the times and locations of our workshops.

  • Contact us about our Homeschool HOSA chapter. More information about HOSA can be found at this link. HOSA

  • A preview of the modules is provided below. A more in-depth look at a module can be seen on the Medical Science 101 and 102 preview. (Click on the picture to preview module information.)


About E2

Our Program

E2 Educational Experiences was founded in 2014 by two accomplished educators, Dr. Ellen Katzowitz and Dr. Erika Ijames-Wilson, who wanted to share their love and passion for learning with others outside of the traditional educational setting.  Ellen and Erika have a combined fifty years of teaching experience in the fields of biology, microbiology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, medical science, and biotechnology.


E2 is designed to integrate science, technology, and life skills into a comprehensive medical science curriculum for homeschooled students. Students use a comprehensive workbook for Medical Science 101.  Workshops on medical, health care skills, and college preparation are also offered.


Mission Statement

To deliver practical, "hands- on", informative lessons to future health care and medical professionals.



Our students are first. We strive to inspire them to pursue careers in medicine and health care for the betterment of society.


We value the family structure and aim to assist parents in order to develop their child's full potential.


We strive for professionalism from our students and ourselves at all times.

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