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Organizing Medicine

Medical Science 101

1- Introduction to Health Care Science

2- Safety Practices in the Classroom and Regulations

3- Infection Control and Microbiology in Health Care

4-Health Care Systems

5- Careers in Health care and Medicine/ Employability Skills Essentials

6- Basic Medical Technical Skills/ Medical Mathmatics

7- CPR and First Aid

8- Ethical Practices and Ethnicity in Health Care

Limited supply of Medical Science 101 books still available.

Anatomical Model

Medical Science 102
1-Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
2-First Aid: Infection Control with Immune and Lymphatic Sytems
3- First Aid: Burns and Integumentary System
4-First Aid: Strains, Sprains and Fractures with Skeletal System
5-Health IT
6- Nutrition and Digestive System
7- Physical Therapy and Muscular System
8- Respiratory Therapy and Respiratory System
9- Addiction and Endocrine


Anatomical Model

Medical Science 103
1-The Nervous System and Our Senses
2-Complimentary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine and Our Senses
3-Reproduction, Death and Dying
                          Coming Soon

Sports Medicine and Musculoskeletal Review
Lab Science with Circulatory System and Urinary System
Professional Organizations


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