Preview Medical Science Modules 

It is imperative that students have prior basic educational concepts to ascertain their successful completion of the medical science modules.  All academic criterions from language arts, science, and social studies are assimilated throughout these modules.  It is the responsibility of the students to integrate their existing knowledge with the information gleaned from this course.


The eight learning modules should be done in order, since the curriculum is scaffolded. This workbook represents a year long class of medical science. The materials for each unit are on the website with the instructions for use.  Students are to do all of the assignments and quizzes.  

All modules include medical terminology along with current trends in healthcare. The trends in health care can be found on the website on the blog. Medical terminology plays a basic role in health care.  In order to accomplish the understanding of the didactic and application material, students must have an understanding of medical terminology.  It is also important to expose students to topical news items that affect our society, nationally and globally.


HOSA is a national organization related to student interest in healthcare and medicine. HOSA is an essential and separate piece of this curriculum. Students can opt to participate in this national organization for an additional fee.  The fee is for HOSA membership conferences, and competitions. Moreover, through HOSA several opportunities for community service are offered.  It is important to check back on the website periodically regarding HOSA.

In addition to the workbook, supplies are needed to properly perform the check off charts throughout the curriculum. The supplies need for this course are found on the supply list button on the first page of the website.  For your convenience, we have many of the supplies available for your homeschooler for a small fee.  The Basic Supply kit (material are listed) for $50.  There is a Premium Kit available for $70.  Contact us if you have any questions regarding the material needed for this course.

Medical Science 101- Module 5

Part One-Pulse 

(Pulse is one component of the four parts of the Module 5-  Basic Medical Technical Skills/ Medical Math)


Free Preview

Video on Pulse and Respiration

Module Videos

Module 2- Body Mechanics
Module 3- PPE
Module 3- Handwashing
Module 5- Temperature
Module 5- Pulse and Respiration
Module 5- Blood Pressure
Palpatory Blood Pressure
Module  6- Bleeding and Wounds
Module 6- Choking
Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure
Module 6- Shock
Module 6- First Aid and CPR


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