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This module will represent many different facets in healthcare with an introduction of basic Health Information Technology. The module will enable students to see the overlap between healthcare and information technology. Hopefully this will aid the student in understanding what health information technology entails and will assist them in deciding if they want to continue with this course of study. This is a very unique and upcoming career that can go in many directions. The following standards based on the health science consortium will be discussed: These standards are from the National Healthcare Consortium. 5.2 Legal Practices 5.2.1 Apply standards for the safety, privacy and confidentiality of health information. ● HIPAA ● Privileged communication 11.1 Key Principles, components and practice of Health Information Systems 11.11 Identify components of an electronic health record (EHR) and/or electronic medical record (EMR). ● History and physical ● Medications ● Patient demographics ● Progress notes ● Treatment Plan 11.12 Explore different types of health data collection tools. ● Telemedicine/telehealth 11.13 Create electronic documentation that reflects timeliness, completeness, and accuracy. 11.14 Create documentation in EHR/EMRs that reflect timeliness, completeness, and accuracy. 11.15 Adhere to information systems policies, procedures, and regulations as required by national, state, and local entities. 11.2 Privacy and Confidentiality of Health Information 11.21 Apply fundamentals of privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures

MS 102: Health Information Teachnology

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